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Department of Production Engineering since its inception in 1964 has been trying to impart quality education to undergraduates and train them to meet the demands of the manufacturing industry. The department has established links with the industry, R&D organizations, consultancy organizations and academic institutes in the region in furtherance of the cause of manufacturing engineering. The department sees itself as a pathfinder of emerging technologies and techniques in the area of production engineering and develops students to be technologically and managerially sound to meet the challenges of the open market in the present era of globalization.

The main objective of production engineering is integration of technology with management in planning and controlling the design, development and operation of manufacturing system. Rapid advances in manufacturing technology, e.g., computer controlled processes and management information systems, ERP and new manufacturing concepts like TPS, agile manufacturing, pull system etc., are reinforcing the recognition of technological, organizational, economic and human factors. Furthermore, specialized training in manufacturing technology is necessary for industries in India and abroad.


To become a centre of repute striving continuously towards providing quality education, research and innovation in the Field of production Engineering


  • To provide quality education at both undergraduate and post graduate levels
  • To provide opportunities and facilities for research and innovation
  • To produce engineering graduates to meet the demands of manufacturing industries and R&D organizations
  • To emphasise on integrating Manufacturing technology with management  
  • To impart latest technological knowledge to students by continuous development of curricula and faculty


Undergraduate Programmes

Department of Production Engineering offers a four-year undergraduate course in Production Engineering.

Programme Educational Objectives

PEO 1. Developing capability to comprehend the fundamentals of Production and Industrial Engineering for application to engineering problems

PEO 2. To produce skilled and competent graduates capable of facing the challenges of real life and engineering practices

PEO 3. Enabling graduates to have command over various manufacturing processes and machine tools

PEO 4. To develop an attitude for continuous learning and aspiration to excel in all endeavours.

PEO 5. Improving inter-personal skill, team spirit and employability while believing on the ethical values.

Course Outcomes (CO) are uploaded in Course Syllabi.

Postgraduate Programmes

Department of Production Engineering offers postgraduate courses in Production Engineering and Automated Manufacturing Systems.

Programme Educational Objectives

PEO 1: Graduates will develop into independent researchers and academicians in the broad area of production and industrial engineering

PEO 2: Graduates will demonstrate a high level of competency and problem solving aptitude to find innovative solutions for theoretical and practical problems

PEO 3: Developing a practice of continuously updating with latest knowledge and information in their relevant field of specialization

PEO 4: Graduates should engage with engineering profession and understand the importance of ethics, team work and professionalism

Course Outcomes (CO) are uploaded in Course Syllabi.


  1. Whether courses (UG/PG) are being accredited? 
  2. What is the admission process for other UG and PG level courses?
  3. Whether all students taken admission to M.Tech programme with valid GATE score will get GATE scholarship?
  4. What are the scope of campus placement after completing UG/PG programme in your department?

Dr. Sanjay Kumar Jha
HOD, Department of Production Engineering
BIT-Mesra, Ranchi
Jharkhand-835 215
Mobile No: 9431173491